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SmartCuffs Script

SmartCuffs Script

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ESX/QBcore/Standalone Script only at FiveM Mods

Tested at over 60fps+

SmartCuffs is a FiveM resource to enhance the player handcuff experience. You have the ability to both frontcuff and rearcuff other players, along with an included British Speedcuff Model and custom sounds.


The plugin gives you one pair of handcuffs, so ensure you get that back otherwise you will be unable to cuff other players until you retreive it, or another player hands you a pair.


The British Speedcuffs model will spawn on any ped, this is not EUP.


/cuff - Rearcuff the nearest player.

/frontcuff - Frontcuff the nearest player.

/resetcuff - Gives you a pair of handcuffs again.

Both /cuff and <b>/frontcuff</b> have been mapped to Keybinds, these can be configured by each player, allowing for their own custom keybinds. These can be set in <b>Settings > Keybinds > FiveM.</b>

These must be setup by each player upon their first time using the plugin.


The included British speedcuffs sound will play upon cuffing and uncuffing, to all players in the area and reduce in volume based on distance from the cuff location.


You are not able to cuff players if you are in a vehicle, if you are already cuffed or you have no pairs remaining.


1. Create a new resource folder on your server.

2. Add the contents of "resource" inside it. This includes:

"", "", "fxmanifest.lua", "html", "stream"

  1. In server.cfg, "ensure" SmartCuffs, to make it load with your server startup.

Source Code

Please find the source code in the "src" folder. Please ensure you follow the licence in <b>""</b>.

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