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MSA N6A Fire Helmet

MSA N6A Fire Helmet

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ESX/QBcore/Standalone Clothing/EUP Model only at FiveM Mods

Tested at over 60fps+

The MSA N6A helmet retains the same authentic look while keeping the high quality appearance and craftsmanship that generations of firefighters have relied on for years. Made with the added protection necessary for today’s standards of safety in the firefighting industry along with multiple helmet bend variations like the Boston bend, Squad bend, Colorado bend, Bronx bend, and the Standard bend. The Vantage from Streamlight is the waterproof and shock-proof side mounted LED firefighter helmet light that clamps securely to helmets for your hands-free needs. The Wedges provide firefighters with a lightweight, strong and durable tool that can hold open a variety of door styles and sizes.

This product includes:
•MSA N6A Helmet
•5 Different Bend Variants
•2 Different Shield Variants
•2 Templates For Shields
•Illuminating Helmet Light
•Helmet Strap & Wedges
•Male/Female Compatible
•8 Different Color Variants

Male & Female compatible

Easy Drag and Drop installation

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