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Advanced Garage System Script for ESX

Advanced Garage System Script for ESX

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ESX Script only at FiveM Mods

Tested at over 60fps+

Comes with unique and beautiful UI Design, Advanced VehicleKeys System, One of the best if not the best Fake Plates system.

Supported Frameworks:

ESX 1.2 & V1 Final


- Unique and beautiful UI Design.
- Option to park your car on parking slots and abillity to other players to see it.
- Saves after restart.
- Advanced Vehicle Keys System.
- Advanced Fake Plates System.
- Option to see on which garage your car is. Option to locate your car if its missing.
- If your car is NOT on the garage and still available somewhere on the map, it will not be on the impound.
- Advanced Dev Tools in order to create/change garages instead of touching the config for it.
- Comes with the FakePlates Script.

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